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about us

The Ethiopian Community Association of BC (ECA) is a non-profit organization established to preserve, share and promote the 3000 years of Ethiopian cultural heritage. We work to support the integration of new Ethiopian Canadians to contribute and enrich the cultural mosaic of Canada. ECA is also engaged in community and youth empowerment programs that foster a strong and vibrant integrated community.

Cherish, unite, and empower the Ethiopian community through knowledge and understanding of its own culture and integrate into Canadian society

Education: to provide educational advancement and training opportunities for children, youth, adults and seniors.
Entertainment and Recreation: to provide cultural capacity for children, youth and adults through entertainment and recreation.
Social services: to support and empower members through inclusiveness that ensures that no one in the community feels forsaken.

ECA has recently embarked on the ‘Ethiopian House’ project – a long term project to revitalize and strengthen our association. We are extremely excited and have a strong commitment to realize this project. Ethiopian House would be a gathering place for everyone, a comfortable, safe and accessible facility designed for all ages, providing a variety of recreational, health and cultural programs. These activities will be designed to create a feeling of belonging; giving pride to Ethiopians and the ability to share our vibrant culture with others